My name is Klas Ehnemark and I make film, music and new media. If you can't find me anywhere, I'm probably somewhere just beneath the Exosphere, above the Atmosphere. This is where great ideas are gathered post thought, waiting for someone to consider them again, according to legend. And it's a good place to hang out. Or maybe you'll find me in Hong Kong, Öland and Stockholm, or possibly wherever the land meets the sea.

This web site provides samples of film, music, design and more that I've been working on during some years. Just browse through the posts, from the menu on top or maybe start with the latest below.

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From mats sjöberg on The Culprit
En högpoetisk film i ett ytterst vackert vinterlandskap. Den röda väskan och den röda fjärilen hör dit. Kanske att ...

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